The Forefront of your Intimacy

Written by: Tamara Dunston

  When you think of being in love,
 my face should pop in your mind.
 Visions of happiness should cloud your every thought,
 as I smile at my position, 
happy right where I am. 

  I want to be at the forefront of your intimacy 
like a new day light,
 fresh and full of possibilities,
 not knowing whats yet to hold
 yet eager to get the day started.
 Anticipating the many ways of how you can make this day better
 than any day before.
  I want you to smile for no reason 
or so it seems to all on the outside,
 but inside, I know 
 yes intimacy so strong that I can feel you thinking of me 
even when I am not in your presence,
 knowing without any doubt that
 "yes he loves me".

  As you are in quiet solitude or at a busy engagement
 I wish to invade your thought process 
and paint a smile on your face
 that nothing in this world could ever erase or replace

  I call your name across a crowed room
 and our connection so strong
 it's like I am right next to you,
 taking in your essence
 as you respond to my beckon with a nod
 a gesture only I understand.

   When you think of pleasures, happiness,
 laughter and of course love.
when you find yourself singing and dancing
 knowing I'm the one your heart is in search of.

  I then will know
 I am at the forefront of your intimacy
 as you find it impossible to "Love" without me