IN HOTEL ROOM

Confusion is what I felt when I entered the hall way
My heart was startled as we entered the door way
With a man who seemed not a stranger to me
Eyes of unseen beings waiting for what's about to set free

Reincarnation is not something to believe by others
My vibrations strongly affirmed that nothing bothers
Religious groups never discussed this nor been uttered 
Not something important it doesn't even mattered

Just met him recently online without having a dime
Questions been answered I had for a long time
Having a strong connection to him made me rattle
I learned that he left me and died in a battle

Far in Egypt I died alone in despair 
I banished and born in a life beyond compare
Along with the princess who desired of him as well
My heart acknowledged him I felt it swell.

He’d done an in depth reading to me
That will serve as a guide in my reality
I learned about my future and my life purpose here
To become a teacher and healer without fear

I learned that we are not meant to be together
But to be one in this latest chapter
To bring forth the knowledge to use our power to create
A life not to hinder without the need to debate

In a hotel room all four corners shy away
The past was moved in our present as I lay
Eye to eye we exchange our energies
I gave in myself without certainties

Heat is boiling between two mystical lovers in the past life
Suddenly I changed and transformed into his Egyptian wife
Truly I can say we are two souls found each other to reunite
The sad thing is that we can never be out in the light

Love is not what we feel and think
Never will I drawn down to brink
But more than what we felt and thought
Better than things that can be bought 

Painful it may seem my soul mate has to leave
And I too right here have my own journey to weave
Sadly my heart is lowly and gloom as we depart 
I know inside me he will never be apart

Our consciousness will be bound here to evolve
Thanks to him my problems will be resolve
Love is beyond time and space
Doing our mission is a goal for us to face

To God the mighty creator be the glory
My Marvin will stay in my memory
Even if he doesn't believe in love
My thoughts and cares will always be here for him from above

All these things I say is true
And will always be meant for you
With you my mystical lover
I will see you in my dream now and FOREVER