Sailboat of Thoughts

Written by: Dan Kearley

                                     () Ahoy!~~>
                                     () I  am
                                     () Captain....Dan
                                     () I have been trying
                                     () for quite sometime now
                                     () to change this once beautiful
                                     () world.Change it from all of its new  
                                     () dark and dreary days.To change how
                                     () people now think,and also show them that
                                     () there are so many other new and exciting ways.
                                     () To show this great boat floating out on the open sea.
                                     () That's waiting for you to climb aboard before it drifts free
All of the people working so hard for their money,then just
   throwing it all away? Buying new things they don't really  
       need just to keep up with the hip new way. Why not
           tell yourselves you really don't need those things.
               Then live your lives your own separate ways?
                    I'd hate for you to be standing all alone 
                        on the beach,when this boat starts
                                   to suddenly sail away

Captain Dan,
who always cares:2-12-13