Written by: Manoj Kumar

I look at the sea bright, blue and deep
A vast empty surface, like my heart, has secrets to keep
But lurking inside are thoughts that silently creep
Into the recesses of my soul and make me weep

The day is bright and vibrant, but I feel a void in me
There are people all around me, but why do I feel so lonely
My lips are smiling but my eyes are sad, they fail to see
That though the distances are large, your heart still beats for me

The day is still bright, then why does despair set into my heart
Why do I feel this pain, why does it tear me apart
Why can’t I believe that soon you will be close to me
Why do I have a gnawing doubt that you are retreating from me

The veil over my eyes has made the sun set for eternity
What will it take for me to get out and be free
How do I rid myself of my doubts and this cancerous uncertainty
When will I stop thinking that you are hiding your true self from me

I wonder at times if you got a raw deal in me
I wonder if you will feel repelled when you hold me
All I wish is for you to always be happy
And maybe once in a while, just think of me