Fear came to me on doomsday
From here and there it was running away
I found it odd that fear was so frightened
Usually by harassing others were its days brightened
How did it lose its spark I wondered
I kept fathoming over its new form bewildered
Fear looked too old all of a sudden
In its heart was hidden a bulky burden
It approached me without any hope left
I could feel of intensity it was bereft
Shattered to its core it melted on my threshold
Filled with pity were the emotions I did behold
Fear sobbed with pain and told me its story
Only for some years was it destined to hold glory
It had spent it youth harassing everyone
Meanwhile time was plucking its feathers one by one
Ageing with time, it was reaching its tomb
Fear expressed its wish to have remained in its mother's womb
It breathed its last and I could hear the pin drop silence
The world was given back its right to excellence