child called JESUS

Written by: louis rams


Blood, sweat, and tears he would shed
On the path that lied ahead.
Imagine a child preaching the word of GOD
When even the adults had found it hard.

Can you picture him walking into town?
And his followers sitting on the ground
Listening to what he had to say
Their hands clasped together as they prayed.

Can you picture him in your mind?
Telling his mother that he is fine
And not to worry, not to bother
That he is not alone but with his father.
He was just a child, but he was the son of GOD
And preaching for him did not come hard.

From his birth she knew that to his father he would be true
For she was told ahead of time, what GOD had on his mind.
That he would be the leader of men and nations 
And stop many of the devastations.

His childhood was about as normal as can be
But there was so many things that only he could hear and see
He knew that he was different from the others around
For they could not see the visions or hear the sounds.

This was the child called JESUS that we’ve all come to know
Two thousand years later and he is still loved so.