Battered Soul on Stranded Atoll

Written by: Stephen Parker

Barren atoll of the beached, stranded soul
Jilted psyche cornered on dark, rocky knoll
Wavering compass points to ever drifting pole
Listless anchor in choppy waters does troll
Tumultuous portents all fleeting hopes parole
Overcast skies, tomorrow's outlook even more droll
Boisterous waves of anguish crash on lifeless shoal
Brackish foam of revulsion o'er vexed mind does roll
Briny mist, dense fog o'er searching spirit does scroll
Tempest of sorrow blows increasing bleak toll
The deafening thunder my quivering nerves patrol
Torrents of despair my darker instincts do cajole
Weary sojourner paying the dues toilsome waves dole
Together with addled conscience on desolate strand stroll