The Calling

Written by: Deanna Schaub

I’m sitting here another day. 
I feel as if it’s getting late. 
I don’t care what people say. 
I’m not going to that place. 
But then I hear your voice again. 
It’s calling me but we aren’t friends. 
There is nothing I can gain. 
I’m tired of living with this shame. 
I followed you around the world. 
You called us lovers until the end. 
But then you left just like the stars. 
You tore apart my empty heart. 
Yet now you sit here and call my name… 
Do you really think you can send me pain? 
I tried to give you a second chance. 
You blew it, hell, you just would again. 
People tell me I should move on. 
But what is life when you’re gone? 
I’m not saying I’ll take you back… 
Just that living without you is worse… 
Then having a heart attack. 
So I’m just sitting here drowning in sorrow. 
Though I might get better tomorrow. 
Yet still your voice is calling me. 
But don’t you get it, can’t you see? 
I loved you my whole life. 
But I would never agree to be your wife.