free cee A COMET THIS WAY CAME and she came all the way from the skies over vienna

Written by: jeffry cohan

             A COMET THIS WAY CAME

You were a meteor streaking through the sky of my life
A comet that came to save me
You left a tail and trail of fire behind 
And all the wonder which you gave me

I watched as you glowed brightly above
Passing stars, the moon and the sun
My eyes were blessed by the sight of you
And I felt luckier than anyone

Born of the heavens, I saw you shine
As you etched brightness through the sky
I was the only one to see how intensely you shone
A body even the darkness could not defy

You were a shade of gold I’d never seen before
A shimmering and celestial soul to wish upon
But just like a comet you finally burned out
And as suddenly as you came then you were gone
                            © 2013 copyright PHREEPOETREE….~free cee!~