Written by: Patrick Cornwall

I should have been recycled and placed in the bin

It wouldn't hurt there ,Id be cozy with cans and  tin

Dragged up the hill for the trash men with their bright orange vests

I'd watch for the racoons who like to root and make a mess

Take me home , take me apart , make a new me once again

No one could chastise me, make fun or  call me a has been

I'd need a new mother and father , brother sister or two

If I was recycled and became a lawyer maybe I'd sue

Life would start over and  I could forget all the past

Meet all new people , create memories that  last

Recycle, recycle it's a mighty powerful word

If God got creative maybe I'd come back as a bird

God lives up in Heaven,is the greatest recycler of all

I hope to be recycled and come back and be tall

My hopes and my dreams will be recycled as well

Hopes and dreams bought on margin, maybe I'll sell

I'd miss all my family and all of my friends

Recycle ,recycle  going off the deep end