fell in love with a screen actress

Written by: andrew delapruch

he fell in love with a screen actress---
wasn’t when he was younger,
when horny lads will be horny lads,
when ****ing anyone who walks is the
24/7, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year,
(thanks to the hormonal directive) &
when it happened,
he was in a relationship
that up until then,
they’d both agree that it was rolling

she had told him, as all do in the
****-like-bunnies beginning,
that she wasn’t jealous,
that she didn’t get that way &
that she assumed the same of him---
so all was fine & dandy until they went to
that first film that featured

she goes without a name,
she’s featured on every magazine when she’s the
it-girl &
she smiles with that airbrushed perfection
that only a screen actress can,
whenever the camera is on her,
she’s absolute

and it begins with a few mentions of her next
wondering when it will be out &
insisting that the two of them go to see it,
but all this culminates in what 
said significant other has become to identify as an

now, whether or not she’s right,
what matters is that it begins to affect her &
suddenly, she finds herself checking out the magazine 
covers on her own time,
analyzing what it is that makes said actress tick,
when the sex begins to slide in her own 
for as the fire dwindles,
as the routine of life everyday with the same man in monogamy
sets in,
she too, is getting bored---
so she wonders if she starts to style herself upon this actress,
if she can get the fire back.