Forever in love

Written by: Cierra Turks

once dark and lonely
pitch black darkness is scary
I fell for him
Let him in
Pushed him away
Back in
and away again
Claimed i wasn't in love, but i can't deny it.
we may be far from each other but our love is strong
together forever all days short and long.
Once I see his face, i know my heart will flutter
those crazy butterflies
I can't wait to feel his hands on mine
His soul pour out out on the line
His lips by my fear
whispering things i want to hear 
" I love you," i hope for
" I need you, " i long for
" Marry me," I pray for.
He may be white
And I'm black
But white on white, there is nothing to see
Black on black there is nothing
His hand in mine
Forever by my side
I love him and he loves me
Hopefully one day it will be
together for the rest of our days
Cuddling while the kids play