His Forgotten Valentine

Written by: Grushen Guazon

There's a promise that he made,
As he kissed me in the hallway.
My cheeks were a reddish shade,
As he promised to forever stay.

My heart I have given to him;
I expected to have his in return.
As the lights around went dim,
My love had crash and burn.

In facebook I saw his latest post
With a picture of his newest girl.
It says there, "I love her the most,
And she is 'My Valentine Girl'."

I wasn't sure how I should feel
We were over for many years.
Seeing that, my world stood still
And I remembered all my tears.

I have offered him my forever,
Yet he still left me all alone.
To forget my love, will I ever?
'Coz this pain runs to the bone.

His promise that's been broken
Is buried deep within my heart.
His kisses had left me shaken,
I was not prepared to be apart.

I was supposed to be the one
That he now calls his Valentine.
Instead, I turn into this no one;
I became his Forgotten Valentine.

*For 'The Forgotten Valentine Contest'.
*Written February 11, 2013