Burning Embers

Written by: Deb Wilson

You walk in the crowd like a wayfaring stranger
and see not the sadness creased into my face.
Knowing as I do that my heart's in danger;
feeling forgotten in this human race.

River is rising as my love lies churning;
bruised and bewildered,my soul needs repair.
My hearth is filled up with your embers burning;
surely you'll heal me with your loving care.

Flying and circling now into my dreams;
by the silvery starlight you start to unfold me.
Capturing my heart as it's tossed on moonbeams;
taking my breath away as you just hold me.

The burning embers of love and desire
are stoked again as something here blooms.
More than mere ashes are left  from your fire;
morning will find here true love in these rooms.

written by Deb Wilson for Gail's contest "Burning Embers"