Heart,rose,ribbon in the sky

Written by: thelast don

How sorry i turn sad,

yet so sinfufull,

I'm so mad,

for is envy such a fad,

for does the color black, mean so bad,

is a spirit so glad,

does it taste so sweet,

is the temptation of it, such a treat,

have i begged of my father, not yet at his feet,

have i experienced his pain,

is it the glory and the the taste of the rain,

have i stricken the words in which we mock that of his name,

for is it my sanity is my hunger for pain.

i slave it so bad, for envy is the fad,

a cursed place in this world makes me sad,

yes we are the bad,

I turn demons that dwell,

in my heart is the cell,

yes we are the faces of the evils we unviel.