Happy February 14th

Written by: Tom Larrow

LOVE is ?

Is love, an essence, of flesh and skin
or a scent that's emitted, from within

Is it an impression, created by the heart
or a design, to be viewed, as abstract  art 

Is it something within all humans grasp
or a mental image, felt when people gasp

Is it's existence real, or just imaginary truth
an artificial attraction, held from our youth

Is it an inevitable desire, that embarrasses all
or a treasured goal, of kinship as we sprawl

Desire, Passion, Marriage, lessen loneliness within
but, affection lost, leaves you in a loveless skin

Is it a fleeting feeling, that wasn't meant to hold
or nurtured attraction, the oneness, as I'm told

Lust, Enthusiasm, Devotion, of intimacy with one
or hope of a life long friend, to share earths sun

a confession of confusion or a happiness unknown
feeling completed by Cupid's arrow when your alone

An intense, deep explosion, of your lust and desire
or that soothing relaxation, that's felt after the fire

Told long ago "It's what make the world go round"
Keep stoking that fire, till that arrow is downed