My Valentine

Written by: Sukmawati Komala

silence among the stars
kissed my valentine
an endless secret

a secret of a genuineness
purer than a pearl
more delicate than a silk
softer than a dew

no word
no one
could fathom the depth of love

only through 
nocturnal sweet fragrance heart
with the glorious nostagia soul
will sing a lovely ballad 
and breeze the lovely aroma
with its blossom

i often lend my ears 
to the fullest moon
wished it could whisper 
the softest love

i often lend my heart
to the music calling
wished it could take me 
to the passionate love

O my Valentine
wished you take me
to my gorgeous piece of love
and let me
live in its timeless tune

~sukmawati komala~
7 february 2013