Naked Me

Written by: Divine Friday Idiong

Standing before you oh grand one
Jehovah, God of my forefathers
The one who chose David
The least of one of Jesse’s sons.

Standing before you oh awesome God.
I am naked like an infant knowing nothing;
I tremble in fear of you righteous judgments.

What can I open my mouth to say?
What can I ask for?
That you already didn’t know?

My sins haunt me like night ghosts.
The affairs of these evil days 
Are decorating my neck 
Like a leash on the neck of a dog. 

But when I stand before you Lord,
I am naked and mute.
For only you can show mercy
To the lowly;
Only you can save the fatherless.

Let your kind mercy
Consume my short comings.
Let your mighty strength 
Redeem me from their evil hands.
Let my sons live to your glory.

When I stand before you Lord
I am mute but my soul is not.
It groans deeply for your tender mercy
And in my nakedness
And helplessness
I return to you Father
Asking for vindication and triumph.