Be Free

Written by: Kateria Inspire

Happy as he goes away.
What a great feel of relief.
Free I say free form his lies, schemes and tornments.
Free from the paining anguish and bitterness my body had worn.
Let me tell you, it made no sense of how much my mind and spirit was torn. 
He was a volcano waiting to errupt.
His words of lava traveled through my soul and burnt the innocence out of me.
Paralyzed with hurt and hate that unfourtunately I couldn't escape. 
My lungs dispersing black dust.
My heart formed into a crater.
At one point I died. 
But God did revived me. : )

Oh do you see it's joy so much joy since he went away. 
Yes there is fear sometimes because me and the family is all alone now. 
But I look up towards God and I know He has the better way. 
Be free.  

B E     F R E E