Lost Without A Mother

Written by: Toheeb Tiamiyu

Here is my journey of Life,
That all began
With that first cry.
My eyes shone in admiration,
When my mother's loving,
'I-will-care-for-you' eyes I saw.
Her tender touch
That caress my super soft skin,
Giving me hope
That earth might just be like
That paradise I'm coming from...

Now here I stand,
At the junction
Of Life and death,
Failure and success,
Sorrow and joy;
The right leads to success
And the left leads to life,
The back is darkened
And the eagles are flying
Right above the chick.

Where am I to go?
As all paths
Are garden of thorns.
Where is that hand,
With the magic wand,
That gave me hope
Of heaven on earth?
If she could just whisper to my ears and say,
This is the way to go...