In a hotelroom

Written by: Elly Wouterse

opposite the medieval cathedral
the old Dutch inn named "The Carillon"
lodge of intense sense of robustness
like the sound of the church bells in the steeple

all four smaller or larger church-doors were locked
quiet hours for the organ player
regular rehearsals twice a week 
church and square with most impressive music stocked

the antique hotel-door opened squeaking
hotelier shows hospitality
heavy key and old fashioned staircase 
found the room with a church view I was seeking 

the organ player's first tones bedeviled
nearby church bells echoe each quarter
waiting in the antique rocking chair
no wall, floor or cabinet a bit leveled

intro of upcoming concertos grosso
the air filled with grand music of Bach 
old hotel-room window wide open
hatch for organ symphonies virtuoso