Written by: Dominic Amezimi

The faces of the fallen earth.
In long lost lands my people, hear!
Hope comes-
The love and faith of your ancestors.
Be strong,
Till when your dignity is returned.
Fight too,
For pride in the battle-fields you’ve lost.
Upon your foes’ skins with wielded swords.
And grace,
Their flesh of filth with thy golden blades.
To make,
Them know that t’was your ancestral trade
Live on,
These memories of mine, a golden age
And bear,
My being by sitting forever on the stage
My heart,
Will sing then for everything great
My soul
Would float above to seek heaven’s face
To let
The featherless wings of tomorrow so
Grow strong,
And wise to seek those paths and follow
To make,
All of them more blessed than us
And give
To their fingers what we could have not
God above who knows about us all
He works and sinners, he solely calls
Please hear
Me pray now just as I say
Save us
Let us not ever know to stray.