Written by: Madelin Barton

I am not being persecuted 
for my faith I have more than
I need. when I look abroad I 
can acknowledge that compared 
to many others, I live like a queen

Then why do I feel such defeat?
Like I've been swallowed whole
Trapped Inside the belly of the beast

I am weary, weighed down by sin
My rap sheet is long
Where to begin?

Often times, my heart cries
For all the hurt I've caused 
Won't let me find peace.

Lost I've chosen to walk
Alone making sorrow and regret 
In me a sound home

Blinded by grief
This hurt disguised as rage
Am I only who hears
The rattling of this cage?

I am the cause of disgrace
perhaps that why they view me 
as a real waste of human space

It's a dark road I'm on with many 
regrets untold 'til the day the Word
of my God in me takes hold