Teenage Love

Written by: Tessa Heyart

I have to wonder
As a teenage girl does
If you like me
Or like the chase
You make my heart skip a beat
You make me smile till my face is sore
I melt when I see your eyes
But I have to wonder
Do you feel the same? 
Am I the one who makes your day
As perfect as you make mine
Your eyes as big as the moon 
Your smirk as playful as a kitten
Your personality as warm as a thousand suns
And I find myself falling hard for you
And I just can’t help but wonder
If you even notice
If you even care
Or if you’re looking at her
My heart can’t take much more
I need to know
But your lips tell me nothing
You flirt, you smile, you make me the happiest girl in the world
And I want to be yours
And only yours
I have never felt this way before
I can’t get over you
No matter how much I try
I tell myself I don’t need you
But as soon as I see you smile
I melt