Things You Should Know

Written by: Laura Malmstrom

Things you should know (but that I will probably never tell you)...

        -the night we met was absolutely perfect…the only of its kind, ever

   -when I feel scared, like the world is closing in on me, it’s you I instinctively want near

        -you are the only one who can make me break all my own rules

             -there is not a single thing I regret…it was worth the risk, worth the fall

        -no matter how mad I may get at you, one smile or one kiss could make it disappear

              -you bring out the best….and the worst… in me

           -laying your arms made me feel safer than anything else ever could, or ever will

                -while you are my bane, you are also my breath

        -no matter what happens, you will be in my heart ‘til the day that I die.