A Forgotten Valentine

Written by: Francine Roberts

A hand print in the middle,
hearts and flowers everywhere,
the prettiest card you ever saw.
Made with love, made with care.

Hidden in her school desk,
found on a windy March day.
Her teacher handed it to me
as we all bowed our heads to pray.

Valentine's Day she'd forgotten it
as she'd headed out the door.
So she turned to run back for it,
that's when my heart hit the floor.

She didn't look, she didn't see
the car headed straight her way.
If she hadn't turned to go back
she'd be alive today.

The driver thought she'd crossed
so she took her eyes from the road,
not realizing her mistake
and the tragedy that would unfold.

A forgotten Valentine
left in a little girls desk
was the reason she'd turned back,
was the reason we now laid her to rest.

It's now a constant reminder
of what used to be.
A framed Valentine card
my child made for me.

for Debra Squyre's "Forgotten Valentine" contest