and this is not a poem

Written by: jan oskar hansen

And this is Not a Poem 
 I have got a new phone, it can take picture and
do hundreds of things, but there seems to be
a technical cut of point when one gets older
I look at this wonderful device and understand 
nothing.  I will have to go to my neighbour ´s son
he is seven and gets it… helps his grandmother
and shakes his head of our practical feebleness.
Lovely warm weather today, perfect for a walk
In the woods, but I had to spend hours in a full
waiting room at a hospital sweating profusely 
as I suffer from a phobia, can´t bear sitting in
a room with many people, one has to be social 
and talk, I have never been good at small talk.
If lucky I may get some work done tomorrow and
time for a walk too and see spring unfold.