the cavalry on Calgary held imaginary swords...

Written by: William Ward

the kindred kingcups 
(she had yours without consent or contractual obligation) 
of political reprieve inched anxiously 
towards the fore… word… 
of internal isolation… 
the halcyon days of halter-neck hail, 
(nostalgic nuance and neo-classical neurosis)
delicately laced with cyanide 
and chloroform, 
fell fervently intact…  
upon the spectacled pachyderm,  
(he says his dermatitis was delinquency manifest)  

“It was merely residual disappointment…” 

Self satisfaction persuaded her to stay. 
For his green glass eyes 
and hyphenated smile 
did little to ease her ‘apparent’ apprehension. 

cost effective calculators lay me down… 
from the phallic pinstripe unto the higher ground…  
(she wasn’t a fan of spatial awareness)
“Hell is other people…” 
antisocial socialisation on economic terms,
“Hell is what you’re worth… the arrogance, 
the compliancy, advertising birth.”
the cavalry on Calgary held imaginary swords, 
lances, javelins, fourth dimensions,
accentuated by… cords… 
(skin tight jeans with universal appeal…)   

“It was merely residual disappointment…”