Written by: Madelin Barton

Will I meet you there 
Oh Jah when my journey
through life ends.
Will my sins be forgiven....
Or Will I beat myself in 
lamentation for all 
the wrongs I've done....

Will my earthly suffering 
Has your son for me ever
regretted paying the ultimate 

I am not worthy of the 
shirt on my back,
the shoes on my feet
the bread on my table 
Nor your daily blessed mercy
Upon me.

How many times I thought
Myself abandoned and prayers 
Yet it was me who had abandoned 
You and strayed...
yet when reflecting upon my life
And all the mistakes
I've made praising you is the only
Real joy I find 'cause only you Jehovah 
With infinite mercies can continue
To love someone as unworthy as me.