Chasing the blues away

Written by: Lucas Mkude

See you struggled by the blues,
Suffocating drowning eventually,
Where friends comrades pertly, 
Sacked tortured left on vex,
Life still there never let it go!

Keenly and accepted blues,
Shadowed on obituary parents,
Life squash perishable whole,
Kenning deep on heart chambers,
Troubled all except my soul.

Model’s death wept me real,
Mourned and cried night and day,
As thought next sun never rises,
For the tears flooded everywhere,
As a blues milked my veins.

There wasn't place run too,
For sad and blue mutual,
Ate deeply my muscles,
Thinned every part of me,
Left on road to die as rain drops.

But God pulled my shoulders again,
I listened and turned my wheel in 
He blessed my top and body kneel,
Felt slim but full crammed,
And blues were then chased.

He brought joy on face again,
As he did when he paid the bills,
He glued the weak parts worn before,
To have a stronger bond over again,
With smiling cheek and moving jaws.

Turn in for hope is here,
He makes path where isn't,
On green pasture he brings his,
No regrets to whoever believes,
Surrender your veer he’ll blow your blues.

By Lucas Mkude poem