No Mail on Saturdays

Written by: ilene bauer

There won’t be mail on Saturdays;
The P.O.’s cutting back.
Surprisingly, the news was met
With very little flack.

For fewer things come in the mail;
Most pay their bills online,
Although the mailmen still deliver
Whether rain or shine.

A very distant memory
Within my mind holds sway,
Of postal workers showing up
Two times in just one day.

Perhaps I just imagined that
But it’s not all that strange,
Another fine example of
The ways that things can change.

This new rule won’t affect me, though – 
I’ve had a little peek,
And luckily, my birthday’s in
The middle of the week.

I’m sure that in the years to come
They’ll cut the mail again
And so we all should celebrate – 
Five days of mail – amen!