The 13 Daily Questions of Life

Written by: Selena Martinez

1) Everyday that passes by what do you see?

2) Do you see for what it is or what it brings?

3) Is it full of hope or is it a mystery?

4) Do you follow others or do you take lead?

5) Are you what it is or are you the full power?

6) Do you just sit or stand tall with pride?

7) Are you the student or the backbone to it all?

8) Are you told when and where or do you know?

9) Do you watch and observe or take control?

10) Are you told or do you tell them?

11) How much is ever really enough to you?

12) Do you know the concept and meaning of the stuff?

13) In your own words and truly your honest opinion what is the true meaning of life in your own eyes, mind, and body?