Chasing The Blues Away

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Depression wasn’t that a period of time?
Chased away with each clocks chime...
To chase the dreaded blues away
Go and buy a can-of yellow paint spray.

A glass of gin and a friend to chat
What can there be better than that?
A lover’s arms holding one tight
Let’s hope he’s in when I call tonight.

A roaring log fire and bottle of wine
I will be his and he will be mine.
The blues are gone banished for good
Packed away where all blues should.

A warm bed and bubble bath
Always good for a saucy laugh
Deep dark moods are banned from here
Life is good so be of good cheer.

Each added day is a blessing too
Since you met me and I met you.
So blues are gone forever more
From now on that’s Goldie's new law

© 06/02/2013~GG~
Contest Entry: Chasing The Blues Away