Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

I witnessed gang fights before
But not as violent as this to the core
Students from different public schools
Looking at them like mad men and fools

They carried guns, knives or even samurai
Ready to fight don’t care if they die
The rage they felt in their hearts
Are growing in their mind from the very start
They don’t care if people will get hurt

Poor parents thinking their sons are very smart
Go to school every day and study very hard
Just realized if they receive calls from the police
Their sons are in jail asking for a release

January 2013
Going home late afternoon while riding in a bus full of students that are so noisy, after 5 minutes they looked outside to see their enemy so they force themselves to go out and since I  am near the door, I am so terrified for they show their weapons and run, after 2 mins I heard a gunshot..what do you think happen to them? some of the passengers inside the bus, just make faced or show no feeling at all. Even the bus driver..they just keep quite. What a terrible day. whew!!!

For Nathan's Contest
Honorable Mention