Written by: Madelin Barton

Every insecurity, 
every emotion
private, unclean,
 is well kept inside of me.

Of all times I've wanted 
to kill the parts of me that
still yearn for you....

Tearing off limb from limb 'til
memories of you no longer 
haunt my ever waking hours. 
To erase the feeling of pain 
and ecstasy that my skin with
your trace gracefully tattooed. 
Desire unclean my addiction to you;
wishing to wipe away the smear of
disgrace, the scars upon my womb. 

That mercy nor God shall save me from 
the wrath and shame I am forced to
endure; of  innocence destroyed 
through lovemaking, life staking, 
heartbreaking  now this prison of regret 
my home.