In a Hotel Room

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Here I am in a Hotel Room
Far away from the ones I Love
I turn on the Telivision to dull the quiet
I wonder who else has layed on this bed?
Perhaps other lonely souls
Maybe young Lovers unrestrained
Passion's crescendo peaking quickly
Older lovers who have learned to take their time
Weary travelers laying down weary heads
Children jumping up and down on the bed
Smiles and frowns
Many emotions reside within these walls
I walk to the shower strip off my clothes
Let the water wash my thoughts away
Endless stream 
Steam fills the air
My body relaxes
The smell of soap fills my head
I turn off the shower 
Wrap my self in a fluffy towel
Walk back to the bed
I drop the towel
Slip beneath the covers
Crisp sheets
Unfamiliar pillow
Generic artwork adorns the walls
Some interior designers vision of serenity
I don't think the lovers noticed the walls
Maybe they seen the ceiling
I flip through the channels 
Settle on one
My eyes become heavy
I fall into a restless sleep
I awake in the morning
In a Hotel Room
I can hardly wait to be home

In a Hotel Room contest 
I realize I am at Forty Lines, I wanted to share the poem 
with you because your contest inspired me. Sorry for not
following the rules but I wrote it before reading the rules.
Thanks for a good topic.

Second chance contest