Lisa Ndlovu

Written by: Wade Appelgryn

L-Love only exists when I'm around you,
I-Inside my heart is the rhythm of love, the rhythm of your name,
S-Saving me is exactly what you did when you kissed me back at the park,
A-Although they say love is blind, when I looked into your brown eyes I knew my love for you makes me see,

N-Never will I let you go,
D-Death wont even be able to stop my love for you,
L-Lisa I love you with my life,heart and soul,
O-One day you did walk into my life, the day I knew God was real, as real as my love for you,
V-Vows are words, but touch my heart and hear my heart vow to you through beats that beat out love, love I pursue for you,
U-Understatment is when I say you are amazing, you are way beyond that, there isnt a word created to describe you, you surpass them all.

Dedicated to the love of my life, may Our love grow even through the hardest times. I love you.