The fitness

Written by: Jimmi Canada

Jumping the jam

I am peter pan

Doing a man
don't know his name at this dam

Down-stream is a clam
-up is a nap
I creak when I walk
never stop for talk

Just smoke a lot
and hope for a magical robot
to intercept the hotness right outta the golf

Reading a lot
speeding at the shop

Rotating at the main evacuation
Suffocating during masterb#***$!

Stoning without stoners to bank it
Waiting for sin to just spank it!

I read the riddles
And rape the shingles
-right off red roofs
of old men sitting in bagels

I retort the regime
I run from the scene

I do all the same drugs

I hate all the same thugs

-get plastered

Stay dry
Hope for a lie
-or a great big mistake to reap me outta my life

Listing of the faults

Acts like a dog

Whiffle of the ball
Hope it curves well

Long for the flavor
The deep deep major

In the college of favors
I’d do it all for a pager