pump em full of roids

Written by: andrew delapruch

pump em’ full of roids 

don’t give a *****about baseball,
don’t care about basketball,
could give a **** about football,
could give a piss about the Olympics
& i wouldn’t watch the Tour de France if 
you paid me,
but i know one thing---
if i was one of these schmucks who 
shell out an arm & a leg 
for a seat in the stands to watch the
pituitary cases run round on a field 
in their little uniforms,
i would want my pituitary cases 
pumped full of roids,
writhing with performance enhancing
drugs &
buzzing with stimulants of all shapes &
because i would want my goddamned 
money’s worth---
all of these athletes who used & 
succeeded, surpassing the sloths who 
chose not to, are the real 
entertainers &
is that not what these muscle bound 
get paid to do?
entertain us mother****ers!
entertain us
worry about what all the drugs did to 
your body,
when you’re sitting home, 
old, senile &
surrounded by trophies.