Birthing oblivion

Written by: Vicky Tsiluma

Blaring emptiness crystallizes a heart of stone inside man’s Adamic soul…

Illusions classify our world…a case of truth eternally clouding our 
Reality in this instrumentally debased existence we imprudently live in.
Technology encompasses lives in totality as humans are relegated instilled
Holograms on screens easily forgotten as statistics, imitating what is therein.

Oblivion -that is what our hearts impishly cry out for- our solace enraptured-
Barring all thoughts; incandescence capitulates into dreary extinction – duly akin
Lies embedded– capitalism ingrained within errant hearts; incessantly wrecking 
Individuals; families align– greed in consumption escalating wars…obscene  

Violence instrumentalized – serving as weapons of globalization – on paper.
Insurgents, malnourished, atrociously wield automatized weaponry expertly within? 
Oil companies eerily laughing: industries polluting;Africa,the in dump of rejects and 
Nullified experiments; same old same old – look up, still it rises and sets … oblivion.