A Woman's Gaze

Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

A Woman's Gaze For Centuries, men have tried to unravel the mystery in a woman's gaze. It can be full of torture, or it can be full of love. many men have fallen in love with the eyes of a woman, not even knowing why. They were just captivated by her gaze. Artists have tried painting pictures, to capture the beauty that lays deep within. What is it that they are looking for? Is it something in her past life, or the beauty in her soul? They don't know, but the search goes on. Could it be the mystery of her love? Only the true meaning of the glean of her eyes - conceals some of the torture, or some of the love, she has endured. Who can tell if there is hate, or she feels pain - or if she loves, by looking deep. Maybe it's a mystery that's far too deep. Each woman, carries a mystery, that can't be revealed to just anyone. The mystery she carries is the true meaning of love. It's like having a key to open a door" not all the keys fit. Do I need to tell you more?...
Copyright by Lucilla M. Carrillo