Written by: ilene bauer

It would not be such a stretch
To think that every kid
Drew pictures on an Etch-A-Sketch,
Like all my peers once did.

It was a toy that everyone
Possessed in his collection,
For it provided hours of fun
With no need for perfection.

‘Cause if you goofed, with just one shake
The screen went back to blank,
With not a trace of your mistake;
So someone we must thank:

His name was Andre; he was French,
A factory technician.
While using powders and a wrench,
He had an intuition.

He noticed particles that stuck,
By means of static charge,
To decals – what a stroke of luck!
His future was writ large.

It took some years to make the toy
And show it at a fair.
It was a hit and oh, what joy
For children everywhere.

Now Andre Cassagnes is dead
But we owe him our praise,
For Etch-A-Sketch remains a thread
Attached to childhood days.