Finding Delight

Written by: Julie Alcin

I know the world can be very much mean
And that there are things that shouldn’t be seen
The world is a battled field covered in blood
I’m starting to drown, because of this flood
If only we could run away to a place
Sweeter than ecstasy, higher than space
Somewhere that we shouldn’t have to carry the earth
Especially for the ones who has been suffering since birth
I know the world doesn’t have any love
But we are being watched by God above
Let’s dream of a dream and let’s make it real
Let’s show the emotions that we shouldn’t conceal
I know there’s a place where happiness flows
And in that same place, there will not be foes
For everyone who’s looking for delight
All the darkness of your life will turn into light
Smiling isn’t impossible to do
I know one day joy will come to you

Contest: Chasing the blues away
Date: 5th February 2013
Deadline: 28th February 2013