I Love You

Written by: Selena Martinez

What you call a break I call it a moment your not by my side

When you say you love enough to tell me the truth is when I think no matter what I still care about you

When you tell me you don't want to talk right now is when I know you're scared to tell me what's really on your mind and how you feel

When you say I don't know what your going through but deep down you know that I do, it's just hard to express yourself at times

When you ask me what's wrong and I say nothing but in my heart I know you understand me

Every time you say you love me and I say I love you too we both know we will always be there for each other no matter what through thick and thin

For you never left my side since day 1 that we started talking and if I haven't said said it enough I'm glad God brought you into my life