Hidden Truths

Written by: Edward Ford

I can tell this story because I stumbled through every chapter of this book.

I know the message and don’t understand from which passage you misinterpreted by the words you took.

You say, to be like me you have to be raped by someone close!

Molested by a stranger, touched by his fingers that’s the quote you wrote.

Not loved by my mother…

Never hugged by my father…

Non-existent to my family!

And you say as a man I am not unique and will always struggle to find a place in my society.

You questioned my love of GOD and stated hell is where I would be.

Funny huh…

What made me laugh is your Christianity leaps out the nearest window after communion on first Sunday.

Called me a female dog traveling the streets with no collar, a *****, a stray, a mut is this what you really think of me?

Look through my eyes real deep and lets just take a quick peek.

My character goes past my sexual preference traveling deeper than my child hood stories.

The quote you wrote was far from the truth.

A little far fetch’d that’s what I think of you.

Because we both know if you were more comfortable with yourself instead of hiding behind your wealth, with me is where you would be.

A lawyer to the community full of lies and infidelity

For some reason it seems you should have took a similar road to me yet lying in a bed full of treachery

Next to a woman with lights off you vision as me.

Lets speak up so to be…

Who are these people you speak of as being like me?

Are you speaking on those who are as comfortable as me in walking the road of life on their own two feet…

Or those who are true to themselves and more importantly their family.

Ones who don’t have to lie

Their spouse don’t have to spy

Nor get their shoulders drenched from their kids cry

When finding out their dads obsession to another guy!

Your quote was very oblique to a guy like me because I have already went through the changes..

Where friends are rearranged,

Family left and came,

Also my community going insane.

But yet I obtained…

Respect for myself which everyone else did the same.

So a man true to myself I remain

Maybe in time you would try it.

To be a little more like me and not fight it.

But to this day you refrain…

And a hidden life you maintain.

You could never be with me…

Because your truth hides behind my comfort ability!!!