You've Come

Written by: Brandi Mitchell

You've come wanting a potion
you've come wanting a spell
you're looking for some magic
an enchantment, I can tell

I think I've got the thing for you
step back and let me see
a few ingredients in my pot
to avoid catastrophe

A little bit of hazelnut
a sprig of basil leaf
an ounce of buttered ogre toes
a dash of "oh good grief!"

A teensy part of a unicorn's horn
bacon from a flying pig
a tablespoon of fairy spit
some dirt from a graveyard dig

Let's not forget some daydream broth
a cup of "if you dare"
a portion of a werewolve's howl
a fair amount of nightmare

We couldn't leave out a magic bean
half of a warlock's curse
a triple dose of pixie dust
and three coins from a dead man's purse

Finally I'll add a sprinkling
of teardrops just for her
that's everything I do believe
I'll just give it a stir

Well now my potion is complete
I'll go grab a cup
this will grant you what you want
so come on now, drink up!