Bitter Pill


Words stillborn haunting an crowded brain,
Like plumbing too clogged to efficiently drain.
A poised burp trapped in a drinker's chest,
Ready to burst from the painful unrest.
A bad habit like cigarette's appeal,
With unfinished poetry an Achilles' heel.
Like saying I love you, with a tender sigh,
Than finding it was but a useless lie.
Creative flow thwarted against my will,
Words unwritten from the poet's quill.
Beauty in pain, a yearning mystique,
Poetic justice refusing to speak.
Caught between reality and dreams,
Where in life, nothing is as it seems.
Wistful visions inhabit a teeming brain,
Obstructed, unwritten it will remain
Words like flowers, sowed in the ground,
Scribing origami roses in words profound.
Verse's sentiment screaming,"Let me out!"
A pen weeps with words it can't shout.
An ode imprisoned, but born free will,
Writer's block a bane, my bitter pill.
Scribbled on paper the cure of all ails,
Denunciations liberated all else pales.
A medicinal remedy to sooth the poetic beast,
An exorcism penned the deliverance priest.