Loving man to his barren wife

Written by: Thami Sheshane

(Inspired by our conversation with chrimba)

I listen to your heart beat talkin to me, 
You cursing yourself and you question why 
won't they just let you be? 
I've been drowning in your tears 
Where you've had fears that tore you my dear 
That your empty womb might reduce my love, 
let me clear your conscious, 
Just because you can not give birth I will not 
love you any less! 

Lie your head on my chest, 
let me wipe your tears with your lips pressed
The person within, that's my require for I never 
There's no qualification or duration in my love 
for you, 
Never mind the gossips the Lord will See us 

Look deep in my eyes, the tears you see are not 
they are the assurance of passing together 
through comments that are pathetic, 

Oh I will never leave you nor will I expect more 
than you can give, 
With this empty womb there's a lot that you can 
You just have to believe that you have a reason 
to live, 
Weep no more for I have less tissues and more 
And I hope this make you stronger...