Written by: Mary Chapman

To hear your whispers and your cries,
The anguish kept deep inside.
The mind not sure of all its fears,
Makes you think you want to die.

I’ve often wonder how could I?
Bring you back from where you hide.
To take part in your life once more,
Among those that do adore.

The way you are when all is well,
A difference  your smile can tell.
A voice we heard when you would sing
with tenderness each note would ring.

Yet something always keeps you there
Where hate and anguish have a place.
In a heart filled with empty disillusion,
Of all your dreams of grand illusions.

Allow yourself to take a step.
To bring you back from emptiness, 
To trust and love those close to you,
Give yourself a chance to see.

Your life can truly be
Filled with joy and ecstasy
The time is now for you to see
It all can be achieved