Whimsey vs Angst

Written by: Francine Roberts

~~~~Whimsey vs. Angst ( or-
 You Don't Have to Be Drunk But it Helps)~~~~

Words of whimsey from my pen flow,
while words of angst I bury below.
Which is me, you may never know
if it's only pieces I care to show.

Whimsey is as whimsey does.
So frivilous, happy thoughts buzz
around in my brain , as if it was
full of nothing but fluff and fuzz.

Writing of angst is not my thing.
Words of sadness, words that sting.
Whimsical words always bring
a happier mood, a fest, a fling.

So don't ask me for a sad, sad song.
It would definitely be wrong
to bore you with an epitome long
that saddens and depresses the throng.

Poetry of a happier time
flows in verses and in rhyme.
I'll pen you thoughts joyful and sublime
if you just pass the tequila and the lime.